The California T – A critical success on the roads of Tuscany

The California T – A critical success on the roads of Tuscany


Maranello, 19th June 2014

The roads of Val d’Orcia and the charming towns of Tuscany have been providing the backdrop to the International Media Test Drive for the California T. It is, of course, a well-established Ferrari tradition to allow the motoring press to put each new Prancing Horse car launched through its paces on the open road, thereby providing clients and enthusiasts with an insightful first impression of its capabilities.

The 130 newspapers and magazines invited to take part this time hail from all over the world and have been unanimous in their approval of the California T’s prowess in all areas, describing it as a sporty yet comfortable GT that delivers superb driving pleasure in all conditions as well as both at consistently high speeds and in the city.

The new turbo engine also greatly impressed the press corps as it successfully pulls of the challenge of combining reduced fuel consumption with razor-sharp responsiveness, torque that rises across the entire rev range and a typical Ferrari soundtrack. The car’s sporty dynamics and ability to deliver a comfortable ride on the most uneven of roads were also praised. Lastly, the California T’s design, which lends it a strong personality that is a unique melding of sportiness and elegance, also won the unanimous approval of the test-drivers.