Chairman Montezemolo and the Ferrari clients present at the celebrations for Queen Elisabeth II’s Jubilee at the Carabinieri’s Carosello

Maranello, 14 May – Ferrari was one of the main protagonists at the Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elisabeth II. The manufacturer from Maranello wanted to be present with clients and collectors, who came to Windsor Castle with some of the most beautiful models from the history and present from the Company’s range.

Thanks to the organisation’s economic contribution another Italian excellence was present at the event: the 4th Regiment of the Carabinieri on their exceptional horses with their legendary Carosello Storico, a breathtaking show, presenting extraordinary horse conditioning.

At the final evening the Prancing Horse was represented by Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, who, at the end of the festivities declared: “It was a most pleasant evening and I was honoured to see the Carabinieri perform the historic Carosello at such a special event, which has delighted the spectators and keeps high the flag of our Country”.

Respect for the own traditions, determination, innovation and passion are values shared by the Carabinieri and Ferrari, two entities of excellence, forming the ideal couple to represent Italy all over the world.