Ciao Gianni!

Maranello, 2 March – Maybe it’s because he was born in the same year as the Scuderia Ferrari, maybe it’s because when he met Enzo Ferrari in 1960 they immediately liked each other. One thing is for sure: Gianni Rogliatti was the most competent and the most passionate historian at Ferrari. Gianni, journalist and author of numerous publications, fell in love with Ferrari from afar, in Argentina, where his family had emigrated, when he read about the 125S, the first car built in Maranello bearing the name of the company’s founder.

He cut out the article and kept it, like he did with so many other documents. He was an extremely prepared historian and a very competent friend of everybody at Ferrari. For the 60th anniversary of the manufacturer from Maranello he had collaborated with numerous employees to create important and extensive technical works including the entire history of the Prancing Horse.

Armed with curiosity, anecdotes and technical details Gianni was a point of reference for those who love Ferrari. For us he was a friend, a loyal and open man everybody loved. We will miss you, Gianni, but you will always be a part of the history of Ferrari.