F12berlinetta examined by the media

The F12berlinetta test by the press ended today. Over 100 journalists from 28 countries tried the most powerful Ferrari ever built.

The specialist journalists tested the car regarding its performance and dynamics, but also its comfort and ability, on the race track, but also in the hills around Maranello.

At the end of the tests the journalists appraised the F12berlinetta and acknowledged that the car combines a unique driving pleasure on the track – where the performance is naturally outstanding – but also on the road, where the car is convincing thanks to the perfect combination of sportiness and comfort, with breathtaking handling, agility and promptness regarding its reactions.

The journalists showed great interest in the extreme aerodynamic solutions, with particular attention for the innovative concept called Aero Bridge. This solution, where the airflow runs from the bonnet to the flanks and along the sides of the vehicle, creates an effect that increases downforce. At the same moment the Aero Bridge turns the F12berlinetta into a sporty and lean model in the tradition of the 12-cylinders with front engine, which wrote the history of Ferrari right from the start.

Meanwhile the car’s style has been the first aspect to receive an award: the F12berlinetta won the “2012 Auto Bild Design Award”.

The production of the new model started not long ago in the Works in Maranello and the first cars will reach the European dealerships in the coming weeks.