Ferrari apprentices

“One in a thousand makes it,” sang the popular Italian singer-songwriter Gianni Morandi in the Eighties. But 11 new technical apprentices from Ferrari North Europe have proved to be even luckier than that because they had to see off over 1100 contemporaries before being selected to begin a course that could see them become Ferrari engineers within three years.

Matthew, Gareth, Sam, Harrison, Naheem, Arun, Jagpal, Emilio, Charlie, Jonathan and Akbar: for these young hopefuls today is the first day of a three-year apprenticeship that will first take them to a 24-week course in the United Kingdom base at Slough before working in the field at one of the dealerships that make up Ferrari’s UK sales network. The apprentices will learn to work on both current and used cars, with which they could have to work in their future roles.

Today there were four hosts for the apprentices’ training – Sam, Daniel, Amdaul and Archie – who had actually done the same course and who have now become fully-fledged engineers for the Maranello company. But even for those four the learning process has certainly not finished yet: it’s not by chance that Ferrari has one of the highest totals of training days per employee in the motoring sector. That especially applies to engineers, given the necessary level of specialisation to work on cars that are as full of technology as those produced at Maranello.

The Ferrari North Europe apprenticeship programme is open to anyone with a diploma from 16 years up: do you want to have a go? Register at and… good luck!