Ferrari California 30

Maranello 9 May – The International media test drive dedicated to the Ferrari California 30 finished today.
30 as in the 30 kilogramme reduction in weight and the 30 horsepower increase that, together, ensure that the Ferrari California, Ferrari’s most commercially successful model since launch, benefits from an even more favourable weight-to-power ratio.

Around 100 journalists travelled to Maranello from all over the world to drive the car which features these and other significant improvements that were announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The car was the object of much critical acclaim during the test drives, with praise for the car’s performance and handling coming from many, including the most influential international car publication, Top Gear: “On real-world, real-width roads, it is hilariously, ridiculously fast, but not scary. That’s the smartest thing about the California: it offers up all the traditional Ferrari noise and speed, but in a more accessible package.”