Ferrari preferred brand on the Internet

Maranello, 17 June – Ferrari is the preferred brand of surfers worldwide on the Internet. This is the result of a survey carried out by Act Value’s Reputation Manager – specialised in analysing web users’ opinions and measuring online reputation – in collaboration with Italia Oggi, investigating brands’ reputations amongst Internet users, considering the brands present in the Interbrand classification. Ferrari gained the top spot with a whole 92% of positive feedback. Ferrari positions itself ahead of all the other Italian luxury brands and has also the highest percentage in terms of positive rating amongst other brands worldwide.

This is an important classification, because the survey did not only examine the content offered on the internet, but also considered what surfers write on websites, in blogs and social networks all over the world. “There are numerous elements we took into consideration and we monitored different channels 24/7,” Mr. Barchiesi from Reputation Manager explained. “It’s not enough anymore to see if an opinion is positive or negative. Much more is involved in a reputational analysis.” Such as the CERR – an effective risk reputation coefficient, invented by ActValue – taking into consideration the level of emotionalism expressed by the users on the web in their opinions. “This is an important element and not at all secondary,“ Barchiesi said. “Thanks to a semantic analysis and keywords analysed into detail, today we’re able to measure emotionalism even before we start using reputational software.” This is what brought Ferrari onto the podium.

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