Ferrari Store at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Ferrari Store at Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Singapore, 18th September 2014

The Ferrari Store Singapore has relocated to a new, high traffic location at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The Store features the latest design elements and fixtures that characterize Ferrari’s new retail identity concept.

The emphasis is on product, history and heritage, against a backdrop of a brand new, modern aesthetic.

The Ferrari Store Singapore boasts 175 square meters of retail space and features two main window showcases where Fan and Lifestyle products are displayed. Ferrari’s core racing-derived brand values are communicated via a full-size replica of a Formula One racing car taking pride of place in the Fan window.

The Fan area encompasses the first section of the Store, expressing concepts of dynamism and speed. The finishes and the hi-tech materials used fully express the spirit of the Scuderia Ferrari race team.

The Lifestyle area features an atmospheric palette of colors and textures that convey a sense of tradition, history and elegance, qualities synonymous with the Ferrari Brand.

Ferrari Store at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The new Store also has the special distinction to present the exclusive Ferrari PR1MA Lifestyle Collection, designed to capture the spirit of the Prancing Horse par excellence. PR1MA is a tribute to the personalities, the icons and the values that, since 1947, have created and continue to nourish the Legend, its mark of excellence and style, finest materials and great attention to detail in its 100% made in Italy workmanship, produced with the same mix of artisanal skills and technology that is a fundamental characteristic of the construction of the most beautiful cars in the world built in Maranello.

An integral part of the interior design is the representation of both dynamic and static images. These images guide a visitor through the merchandise spaces, subtly introducing each of the different areas and providing visual cues to seminal moments in the history of the Brand.

The Store is a concrete representation of the added value given by the “Made in Italy” label, effortlessly combining style, elegance and functionality.