Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia – List of participants

Maranello, 31 March – The Mille Miglia, part of the World Championship until the year 1957, has been forever in the hearts and minds of those who love motorsports. Despite the fact that it is not held anymore as a proper race, the Mille Miglia is still the symbol of a whole era. This is why the Mille Miglia is still organised every May from Brescia to Rome and back and the demand for participation is much higher than the allowed 360 starters.

These 360 have to be classical cars and they must have participated in the original race. Collectors with cars post-1957 and those who love motorsports and own modern cars couldn’t participate until last year.

As of this year Ferrari offers its clients an extraordinary opportunity even if they don’t own a classical car, but want to take part in the ‘re-enactment’. Thanks to the Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia – in memory of the eight wins at this extraordinary race, including the last with Piero Taruffi, clients can now participate. The clients can experience the emotions during this extraordinary event on the streets of Italy, even if they own a 458 Italia, a Ferrari California, a 599 GTB Fiorano, an Enzo, an F50, an F40 or a Testarossa.

The 130 participants taking part in different categories will start right before the ‘re-enactment’ race, following the same route with the same special trials.

The historical cars will start first – amongst them some of the most beautiful models produced in Maranello, such as the 250 Tour de France and SWB, the Le Mans, the 250 California (amongst those also the car owned by Chris Evans, auctioned off for over 8 Million Euros) and numerous Daytonas, Dinos, BBs and other extraordinary models.

Amongst the categories of great interest there’s the special series with 16 cars with GTOs, F40s, F50s and Enzos, while there will be also numerous more recent cars such as the 599 GTB Fioranos, the 430 Scuderias and Scuderia Spider 16Ms, while also the Californias and the latest model, the 458 Italia, will participate.

The participants are coming to Italy from more than 16 countries from all over the world – USA, Argentina, South Africa and Hong Kong, but also from Europe, with the majority from the UK and Germany.

An extraordinary event not to be missed, also because with 130 participants there will be 43 different Ferrari models at the start.

Especially significant is Saturday 8 May, when the Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia cars and the ‘re-enactment’ race will pass at the Ferrari works in Maranello and a special trial is held on the Fiorano circuit. Ferrari clients will be present at the track, having the possibility to access the track to participate in the event.

The demand for participation in the Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia is much higher than the availability. Who can’t be accepted this year anymore will be on top of the list for the 2011 edition.

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