Ferrari Virtual Academy – Excitement like in Formula 1

Maranello, 17 February 2011 – The Ferrari Virtual Academy – the first virtual online simulator created by the Prancing Horse in collaboration with the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro and the drivers Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella – determined the winners of this extraordinary world-wide competition launched last September on The five fastest competitors on the three FVA circuits will be invited to the heart of Ferrari in early spring. They will participate in theoretical introductions, tests with the simulator and on the track, together with the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) drivers. The FDA programme has been launched by the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro in late 2009 with the support of the exceptional tutor Giancarlo Fisichella, lending support to the young talents at Ferrari.

The competition, with more than 20,000 passionate participants from 88 countries, offered the extraordinary opportunity to compare one’s own lap times to the ones from the three professional drivers on the race tracks of Fiorano, Mugello and the Nürburgring, behind the wheel of a virtual F10, a reproduction of the single-seater the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro used in the last Formula 1 World Championship.

The overall classification was determined by the total of the lap times registered by the users on the three circuits. First in the Italian category came Davide Greco (3.42.429), followed by his fellow countryman Matteo Vecchioni (3.42.684), while the international classification is lead by the Spaniard Jon Tanko (3.41.970), followed by the German Martin Kronke (3.42.606) and the Portuguese Jao Nunes (3.42.584).

Using 3D technology and innovative data processing for an application like the simulator, it faithfully reproduces the F10’s cockpit and steering wheel with all its functionalities and commands, and aroused the interest of, the prestigious internet portal in the world of simulations, honouring the virtual Mugello circuit with the 2010 award for “Best commercial software update”, while for the video game magazine “Mio Computer” it is the “Best F1 Simulator” ever tested.