Ferrari World Abu Dhabi registers massive attendance

Yas Marina, 18 November – More success for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the first theme park dedicated to the Prancing Horse, opened on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island.

Over the last days, even after the Formula 1 circus has moved on, the park registered a vast number of visitors, with a total of tens of thousands since the official opening. During the last three days it wasn’t just tourists visiting the park, but also mechanics and technicians from Formula 1 teams, who stayed at Yas Marina for a double test session, first with young drivers and, as of tomorrow, with the new Pirelli tyres.

“Formula Rossa is really exciting. Finally we know what a Formula 1 driver feels in the cockpit,” an engineer told while he left the park’s most visited attraction, the fastest rollercoaster in the world. “The initial acceleration is really impressive and the lap is thrilling, as if it was the qualifying.”

Who doesn’t want to feel the thrill of high-speed, but is still looking for excitement, can go and see Speed of Magic, a fantastic 4-D journey, showing the adventures of a young boy in a kaleidoscopic dreamlike surrounding with nature and exceptional landscapes.

Meanwhile on the race track there was a historical handover: while Bridgestone concluded its long adventure in Formula 1 the tyres from Pirelli appeared at the paddock, which will be used as of tomorrow with the 12 single-seaters present here at Yas Marina. The Italian producer’s technicians met their colleagues from the teams today and tomorrow a new chapter in the history of Formula 1 will begin. For Ferrari it will be a return to the roots: the last time a F1 single-seater from the Prancing Horse has been fitted with Pirelli tyres was in 1957.