GT evening at Ferrari. Montezemolo awards best employees 2010

Maranello 16 december – Last night the Christmas events at Ferrari came to a close with the traditional dinner for employees from the road car production side. A warm and festive atmosphere saw over 2,000 people attend the event together with the Chairman, Luca di Montezemolo, the Vice Chairman, Piero Ferrari, and CEO Amedeo Felisa.

For the occasion the work of those employees who had made a special contribution to the company’s success over the last year were recognised. In particular 17 trips for two people to Abu Dhabi and the Ferrari World Theme Park were presented to employees who achieved exceptional results.

Further acknowledgements were given to four engineers, who patented 17 innovations worldwide. Also called to the stage were the teachers from the “Scuola dei Mestieri”, the dedicated training courses held for employees with lectures given by other employees, who have been called upon to pass on their knowledge and skills to younger colleagues.

During his speech the Chairman spoke about the 2010 results and especially about the challenges for 2011. Next year Ferrari will enter its 58th market with India and launch new products, while also investing heavily in new products, employee benefits and working conditions and company facilities. In particular Mr di Montezemolo announced a series of new services dedicated to the company’s employees, such as free language courses and special holiday package offers. The Chairman concluded his speech thanking everybody for the work done, reminding all present that “Ferrari’s success is the success of each and every one of us”.