Ian Poulter Joins for the Closing Dinner of the Triubuto Ferrari Rally

A beautiful sunset on the fairway at the Cordevalle Resort in San Martin, California was a fitting setting for the awards dinner for the Tributo Rally: Pacific Coast 2013. The presence of renowned golfer and Ferrari aficionado Ian Poulter added the quintessential cherry on the cake to a perfect day of driving, camaraderie and festivities under the starry California sky.

Driving a stunning route from Santa Barbara to San Martin, the rally snaked through valleys and canyons, vineyards and orchards, desserts and damns. Drivers who were the most precise, curious, timely (and of course cautious) were rewarded for their efforts with prizes ranging from one-of-a-kind artworks, to attending the upcoming Formula One race in Auxtin, TX and the Ferrari Corso Pilota driving school.

The rally will finish tomorrow morning upon arrival on the lawn at Quail Lodge to join in the Motorsports Gathering. Ian Poulter will then graciously host a round of golf on Saturday in Pebble Beach to add to the weekend’s many unforgettable events to come.