In memory of Enzo Ferrari

Maranello, 14th August – It is twenty two years since Enzo Ferrari passed away. On behalf of all our collaborators, owners and fans of the Maranello marque, our thoughts turn to the man who created Ferrari.

“It is important for all our fans, as well as our collaborators, especially the younger ones, to remember Enzo Ferrari,” said Luca di Montezemolo. “A man who, with oustanding brilliance and obstinate determination, was able to transform a dream, considered by some at the time to be pure folly, into a sporting and industrial reality which is admired and envied world-wide.
I’m sure that our founder would be very satisfied to see the international presence his company is now present internationally with ever more innovative cars and constantly amongst the front runners of Formula 1.”

Those who wish to pen their own thoughts on the Founder can send a message (in English or Italian) to and the most significant will be published over the next few days at the site.