Montezemolo tells Business Week

Maranello, 30 May – The news had already been announced in Maranello at the “Formula Ferrari” event and President Montezemolo reiterated it today in an interview with Business Week: there will be fewer Ferraris built in 2013 to maintain their exclusivity. That was the summary of the Prancing Horse strategy for the near future.
“We have fantastic customers and we need to give them something they cannot get anywhere else,” he told the weekly American business publication, produced by Bloomberg. “Ferrari has to go further than every other car manufacturer in the world in terms of its sales figures, quality and exclusivity and it must be able to generate income with unique additional services.
“That is why we have decided to reduce the current production,” underlined Montezemolo. “We will build fewer than seven thousand cars, even though the market could absorb many more.”
The Business Week article highlighted the Ferrari Store’s capsule collection, an upmarket range which Brand Director Andrea Perrone was particularly keen on, so that, alongside the line of Ferrari-branded items for the fans, there would be a line which would, as of now, encapsulate the spirit of the Prancing Horse par excellence.