Piero Ferrari receives “Sport Civiltà” award

Yesterday Piero Ferrari, Vicepresident of the Prancing Horse, received the “Sport e Lavoro” – Sport and Labour – award at the 36th edition of the “Sport Civiltà” Award event held in Parma.

The event is organised by the Sports Veterans’ Union under the patronage of the city, the province and the chamber of commerce of Parma. Numerous athletes and famous people from the world of sports, who made a difference in 2012, joined the event, such as markswoman Jessica Rossi and Paralympics cyclist Vittorio Podestà, who recently visited the Ferrari Works with other London 2012 medal winners. “Sport Civiltà” is an instrument to promote sports as a way of prospering and formation, especially regarding the younger generations.

An award Piero Ferrari wants to share with the men and women from the Works, where the economic and motorsport results are the fruits of “the passion, the team spirit and the wish to always improve, day after day without ever being satisfied by the reached goals”.