Support from six hundred

What could be more energising than the enthusiasm of six hundred children? Not much, as Luca di Montezemolo and Fernando Alonso could affirm when, this morning, along with the Managing Director Amedeo Felisa and the Director of Human Resources Mario Mairano, they went to visit those taking part in the 2013 Junior Summer Formula, the summer camp for the children of the company’s employees, organised by Ferrari and the Maranello local council.

Everyone received a very warm welcome from the kids and not just metaphorically, given the high temperatures we are seeing at the end of July, at the “Chiaffredo Cassiani” infants school, one of four- three in Maranello and one in Modena – that are involved in the project. There were two special gifts to mark the occasion: from the mothers of some of the children, Montezemolo was given a leather emblem made in the Selleria department as a thank you for making this programme possible, while Fernando was given a parcel containing a large number of letters written to him by the children, obviously singing the praises of their hero in red.

“This is a really great initiative that demonstrates the close links between the company and the area,” said Montezemolo,turning to Lucia Bursi, the Mayor of Maranello. “I wish to thank the local council of Maranello for its support in this project, which is growing ever more popular, year after year.”

Indeed, the number of participants is increasing all the time: in the four camps held so far, the numbers have grown from 200 to 600,divided into two groups, the 3 to 6 year olds and 7 to 14. Over fifty teachers are on hand, all involved in the planning and organisation of the event which runs every day from 7.30 to 20.30, to cover all three factory shifts.

“A good energy boost, almost the same as the one you get from KERS at the start,” said Fernando. “Just what was needed before heading off to Budapest!”