The Drakers goes into production

The Drakers” is a new animated series inspired by the world of Ferrari. The project is the fruit of a partnership between the Maranello marque and Mondo TV, one of Italy and Europe’s leading animated TV series and cinema and TV feature film production companies.

The series has now gone into production and will be aimed at a very young audience. The project will involve the making of 26 26-minute episodes in high definition 2D.

“We’ve developed a great relationship with Ferrari that has allowed us to craft a concept for the series that we’re very, very satisfied with,” declared Mondo TV CEO Matteo Corradi. “We believe very strongly in this project and we’re investing heavily in it too.”

The Drakers’ storyline centres around Chris and Fabri, two young car enthusiasts that suddenly find themselves the official drivers for the team that gives the series its name and which, of course, also fields red-liveried cars. Between unusual encounters, technical transformations, and searching out innovative and unusual new fuels, our two young heroes will enjoy incredible motor racing adventures and also have to solve a mystery. To find out more though, you’ll have to wait and see The Drakers for yourselves!