The Ferrari Works in an exhibition in Maranello

Maranello, 4th March – The Museo Ferrari presents “La cittadella Ferrari – Architettura a misura d’uomo”, the new exhibition, which takes the visitors to the heart of the works in Maranello, widening the museum’s already rich exposition. An occasion not to be missed by the fans of the Prancing Horse, who can virtually enter the works through the legendary gate in via Abetone Inferiore, where, in the year 1947, the first Ferrari, the 125 S, left the premises. The exhibition, presented as a preview on the occasion of “Urban Promo” in Venice, officially opens at the Museo Ferrari.

The reconstruction of the internal structure of Viale Enzo Ferrari and the streets dedicated to great F1 Champions leads the visitors along a way with the most important names in international architecture. It starts with the works’ evolution over six decades, from 1947 until today, arriving at Ferrari’s reality today with images, videos and models. Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Marco Visconti, Massimiliano Fuksas and Luigi Sturchio contributed to the creation of an organic architectural complex, which today consists of individual spaces, but which are at the same time connected by a single generative intention.

The trait d’union of this urbanistical, architectonical parcours is the Formula Uomo project, with an entire exhibition room. Formula Uomo is the philosophy, which governs life and processes at Ferrari, with the individual person, the centre of the company’s renewal, in the centre of all activities. Formula Uomo also finds its expression in a series of services dedicated to the individual person (free medical visits for the whole family, school books for the employees’ children, a gym and special loans, to name just a few) and the working environment of excellence, with quality of life of the employed people in its centre. Luminosity, climatisation, low environmental impact, safety, noise control, restaurant areas and real gardens also inside the halls are fundamental characteristics, which helped Ferrari – regarding aesthetics, functionality of the spaces and envinronmental quality – to be recently awarded the Best Place to Work in Europe prize.

Suggestive aesthetics in harmony with the environment, not only on an urbanistic level, but also and above all respecting it. In fact Ferrari entirely produces its cars at one plant, employing renewable resources, a solar-power plant and a Trigeneration plant, which can also seen at the exhibition. Thanks to this the manufacturer from Maranello is energy self-sufficient and lowered its CO2 emissions by 40%.

The Museo Ferrari, inaugurated in the year 1989, is the custodian of Ferrari’s legend, presenting cars, images and trophies from the history of the Prancing Horse’s over 60 years of success. In 2010 the museum broke its own record with over 225,000 visitors from all over the world. The collection includes the first Ferrari, the 1947 125 S, and significant historical cars, but also more recent competition and Granturismo models, such as the 458 Italia. Furthermore at the museum visitors can find Enzo Ferrari’s office with original objects and furniture.