Three Ferraris for man’s best friend

Maranello, 5 August – Have you ever seen dogs at the wheel of a Ferrari? No, no we’re not being facetious and this refers specifically to the quadriped variety – cat lovers lose out- generally regarded as man’s best friend. In fact, it’s to meet the needs of those who cannot bear to be separated for a moment from their four legged friends, that Maranello’s Ferrari Museum has just launched the perfect service: visitors with dogs will be able to leave their animals in guarded kennels in the shaded part of the museum garden, next to the cafeteria. You may ask what is so special about a service that is just a sign of courtesy and respect for our animal friends: well, at the moment there are only three kennels, of different sizes to match the animals they might house, but how many kennels have you seen that faithfully replicate some of the most classic cars produced in Maranello, conveniently modelled in the relevant style so that each temporary resident can experience what it’s like to be in the cockpit of a Ferrari!