Tours of the Fiorano Track get underway

Maranello, 4 August – As from today, visitors to the Galleria Ferrari at Maranello can also see the Fiorano Track, which Enzo Ferrari created in 1971 for testing and shaking down all the cars produced by the Prancing Horse company. The inaugural tour got underway today at 13.00, from the main entrance of the Galleria, with guests and a guide travelling around the track in a shuttle, which stopped at points of interest, such as the building that, to this day houses Enzo Ferrari’s original office and the F104 fighter of the 51st squadron of the Italian airforce, which on 22nd November 1981 at the Istrana (Treviso) airport, raced over a standing kilometre against Gilles Villeneuve in a Ferrari F1 car minus its wings, with victory going to the car. From the track, which features some corners that replicate those on the main European race circuits, one can also marvel at the Nuova Logistica pavilion and the Gestione Sportiva buildings where the Formula 1 cars are built. The aim of the tour is to give fans a taste of Ferrari history, through some of its significant moments and the first participants on this tour were full of praise for the visit once it was over.